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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling, a project we can handle

Kitchens and bathrooms are critical places in the home. In the kitchen, we cook, we entertain and eat. In the bathroom, we spend a large part of our day getting ready for the day, and perhaps as a getaway when we soak in the tub. Remodeling a bathroom can raise a home's value by 60% when trying to sell, so this is quite the undertaking. One that we at Bogart's Carpet can fully handle.


For bathrooms, the flooring is essential, so you want gorgeous tile, not only because it looks great, but it also prevents water from getting into the flooring and protects the walls. Tiles come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures. You can have a small tile or a larger tile that carries a theme with it.
For kitchens, tile is the way to go. Tile is highly resistant to water, so spills in the kitchen simply wipe up. Tile is easy to clean and can make your kitchen brilliant with style and color.


In bathrooms, countertop heights need to be considered, so they need to match the sink's level and not so low that you are bending over too far to wash your face. Countertops are an essential feature of the bathroom because they need to be free of bacteria and mold. Quartz and granite are good choices for this. Kitchens can also be decorated with quartz and granite. These non-porous surfaces are easy to clean and stay bacteria-free.


The walls for a bathroom are best covered in tile to protect against water. This tile can be an extension of the floor tile or something completely different if you want a particular theme in the room. Quartz and granite are also something to consider for the walls of the kitchen as a backsplash. This makes keeping the food prep areas easy to clean and stay sterile. Tile can also go on the kitchen walls if you want to continue the floor's style to the walls.


The bathroom fixtures may need replacing or updating with newer models. Or you may have to replace the plumbing. We can do these things, and you don't have to hire out a second contractor. The same for the kitchen, as the fixtures may need to be freshened up with newer fixtures. Maybe you want to add a double sink or update the faucets. We have options in our showroom selection.
Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel in Ledgewood, NJ area from Bogart's Carpet

Cabinets and Vanities

Your bathroom vanities are an essential fixture, as they need proper size, storage space and look to match the décor in your bathrooms. Kitchen cabinets are critical as well. You want something easy to reach, has plenty of room for storage, and still maintains the theme of the kitchen's interior décor. That means you may match them with the color of the tile floor, backsplash, and countertop.


Most bathrooms are lit poorly. With a change in the type of lighting placed appropriately, you can change the entire look of your bathroom. Maybe you need another window or different lighting fixtures that focus on countertops and stoves in the kitchen. Perhaps all you need is another window treatment to control for ambient light in the kitchen.

At Bogart's Carpet, we are here for all of these choices and more. No matter what materials or services you need, we are equipped and ready to handle it. We also serve , , , and . For all of your bathroom and kitchen remodeling, please stop by our showroom in Ledgewood, NJ. There, you will find everything necessary for your project and get the best results.