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Bogart's carpet re-stretching and tucking gives carpet a new life!

Bogart's Carpet & Floor Covering in Ledgewood knows how valuable your time is. That’s why we offer quality carpet re-stretching and tucking services to residents in the Randolph, Roxbury, and Hopatcong, New Jersey areas.

Carpet re-stretching and tucking can extend the life of your carpet so you don’t have to replace it. We know that years of constant foot traffic takes its toll on all types of flooring. Carpet is no exception. Between the pile being matted down and stains, carpet will eventually need a makeover. Most frequently, this is re-stretching.

Carpet re-stretching

Over time, the surface of the carpet or pile can become undone. The reason for this is simple. Carpet is sewn together in layers of fabric; other floor coverings are solid, so this doesn’t happen. Therefore, to prevent anything bad from happening, get the professionals at Bogart's Carpet & Floor Covering to perform carpet re-stretching immediately. Carpet re-stretching doesn’t take very long and it is a very affordable option compared to purchasing brand new carpeting.

Carpet tucking

When carpeting is installed next to hardwood, it has to be firmly tucked between the wood and the tack strip. Tucking carpet is especially important when installing it on stairs. You absolutely must tuck it into the edges, so it won’t bunch up and create bumps or wrinkles that are likely to become tripping hazards. You certainly don’t want anyone harming themselves as a result of falling down the stairs in your home.
Carpet Re-stretching and Tucking in Ledgewood NJ by Bogart's Carpet & Floor Covering
Carpet re-stretching and tucking are surely not easy do-it yourself projects. This activity is best left to professionals. In addition, leaving this job to the experienced folks at Bogart's Carpet & Floor Covering in Ledgewood will ensure that your job is done right, in a timely manner and affordably.

Homeowners in Randolph, Roxbury, and Hopatcong should call us at (973) 252-2400 to set up an appointment. You can also visit Bogart’s Carpet & Floor Covering in Ledgewood, New Jersey.