What colors in carpet flooring are trending neutral?

What colors in carpet flooring are trending neutral?

Neutral colors aren't what they used to be, especially in carpeting. If you're looking for a perfect neutral base, you now have more choices that could work with your decor.

If you haven't browsed carpet colors in a while, this is a great time to revisit the product line. Here are some color choices that are sure to serve you well.

Blue is a fantastic neutral for carpets

Blue is the new neutral that offers a popular trend for almost every room in your home. You'll see that it adds a splash of color without taking over the space.

It's a perfect accompaniment for various decor and floor covering styles, giving you a blend that works. And you can even add area rugs that play up the space even more with ease.

Gray continues to rise as a trending neutral

Gray isn't just a neutral carpet trend but finds a place in many other flooring types. Even decor and furnishings lean to gray hues because it's one of the safest colors in decorating.

It's easy to blend this color with almost any other for a match that works every time. So consider these options, including high-variation grays and greige carpeting choices.

Beige and cream are still in

Indeed, beige and cream will always be a trending neutral. They’re perfect for matching any surroundings and never go out of style.

These colors create the perfect backdrop, whether rustic, modern, or eclectic. You'll see why when you consider these colors in person.

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