What are the different types of carpet styles?

When it's time to purchase new carpeting, styles and fibers genuinely matter, especially if there are specific characteristics you want and need. You'll find something for every requirement, and it could help to know about some of them before you start shopping, so follow along with today's post for more information.

Take time to consider carpeting options

Styles and fibers go together, helping to create the look and performance you need from a floor covering. Here are some to think about as you consider your personal needs.

1.      A Berber carpet is an attractive option that gives you a fresh, discerning appeal for most areas of your home, with plenty of color and fiber options from which to choose.

2.      Saxony offers various appearance options, so it's an excellent choice for different décor matching requirements, but it’s a better choice for low-traffic areas of your home.

3.      Frieze represents the advancement of shag, with long fibers, a recreational feel, and good durability, especially in living rooms and staircases.

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