Looking for the perfect area rug?

Looking for the perfect area rug?

Do you love your area rug, but it has seen some years? Do you have a piece of carpet that you want to use as a runner in a hallway? Do you have some custom rugs that need some attention? Consider our carpet binding services.

So what is carpet binding?

Whenever you have an area rug or even a piece of carpet that is leftover from installation, binding is a process of sewing a ribbon of fabric around the edges of that carpet. That strip can be cotton or polyester folded onto the carpet edge and then stitched onto it. The stitching is meant to repair fraying or prevent wear and tear. Then binding material is matched to the color and blend of the tapestry, so it looks natural. The binding is done by machine, similar to a commercial sewing machine.

How does it look?

Binding can give your floor covering new life. It makes the piece look clean and attractive. The finished edge can be fixed with a non-skid backing to be suitable for formal and informal settings.

Does my floor cover need binding?

Any matting or carpet may need binding after years of wear and tear. It could be a piece of Berber carpet that you had installed in your home, and you want to match a leftover piece for your living room or dining room. Or it could be a carpet that you found you want as an area mat.

Carpet runners are also a popular choice for binding. A runner allows you to show off the hardwood floor, and at the same time, have carpet on hardwood steps. Runners are also used in hardwood hallways. So having a runner bound is a great option to protect it.

Perhaps you need a new area rug or are looking for a piece of carpet to serve as one. Please stop by our showroom in Ledgewood, NJ, to examine what we have for you. At Bogart’s Carpet, we have superior binding service. We service Ledgewood, Randolph, Roxbury, and Hopatcong, NJ. If you are in those areas, come by our store and show you what we can do for you. Let us be your store for area rug binding.