Is there stain-resistant carpeting?

Yes, thanks to modern technology, carpeting today come in stain-resistant versions, making it easy to keep them clean. This means all worries about dropped food, pet accidents, toppled wine glasses, full coffee cups, and other spills are eliminated.  

What is stain resistant carpet? 
At our carpet store, you'll hear words like SmartStrand, Forever Clean, Stainmaster, PetProtect, and EverStrand. Kids and pets are no match for any of these, and they are in brands we carry, including Mohawk, Masland, Dixie Home, and Fabrica.  
When a soft surface floor covering is treated with a special coating, it keeps fibers from absorbing and holding onto stains. This makes it fast and easy to remove stains. Not only will the rug maintain its visual appeal for a more extended period, but this technology will also help reduce costly and often premature replacements, making this a significant investment. 

Have you heard about Max

Every stain-resistant version is tested before it hits the market, but Max is the most famous.  The 5400-pound rhino who lives at the Alabama zoo was "host" to the carpet in his cage. You can well imagine the kind of mess the rug experienced from all his stomping around but, at the end of two weeks, it just took a hose-down with warm water to eliminate dirt.  

Solution-dyed nylon and other fibers

Fibers are the foundation of a rug because they are the materials from which the yarns are made, and it will be an essential decision when selecting any soft surface. 
Solution-dyed nylon means the color is "baked in" during the manufacturing process instead of the traditional method of dying it after production, creating empty dye sites where spills can be absorbed. Since there are no vacant dye sites with solution-dyed nylon, the colors won't bleed and fade. 
Both polyester and olefin (polypropylene) are non-absorbent, so resistance to stains is inherent Triexta is known for permanent stain resistance built right into the fiber. 
At Bogart's Carpet, we don't apologize for our love for carpet flooring. It's soft, luxurious, beautiful, functional, and economical, with a version for every need, whether it's stain resistance, extra durability, sustainability, or hypoallergenic.

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